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How to prepare your bedroom for painting?

How to prepare your bedroom for painting?

It’s not difficult to prepare a bedroom for painting. There are certain things you can do that will make painting the bedroom quick and easy. Gikas Montclair Painting & Contracting  professionals are sharing tips  and tricks that will help you prepare any room for painting.

Protect or remove furniture and objects

Before starting the painting work in the bedroom, it is necessary to remove ornaments and paintings and move the furniture, distancing them from the walls and bringing them towards the center.

All furniture elements and objects that cannot be removed from the room, shelves, sofas, table and more, must be carefully protected with old sheets, newspaper or plastic sheets, while on the floor it is advisable to spread newspaper or better still, a cloth made of a special material.

Fixtures and skirting boards, if it is not intended or cannot be removed, must be protected with adhesive paper tape, as must the switch plates and electrical sockets.

Are you still sure you want to paint your bedroom with DIY techniques?

Do you still want to paint the bedroom yourself or do you think it is too complicated a job and prefer to contact an expert? If you want the safety of a job performed in a workmanlike manner, entrust yourself to the professionals of Gikas Montclair Painting & Contracting in New Jersey, able to offer you the best relationship between quality and price, as well as reliability, seriousness, and competence.

Define the technique and choose the materials

Once you have established how to paint the bedroom and have chosen the right color, you can proceed to purchase the material, based on your preferred technique and result:

  • lime paint
  • tempera painting
  • watercolors
  • washable colors
  • paints and enamels

The choice mainly concerns the characteristics of the walls of the room, your experience, and the aesthetic result you want to achieve.

Generally, it is advisable to use products free of potentially toxic substances, ecological paints, and sufficiently breathable colors, in order to avoid condensation phenomena. If the problem is that of humidity, on the market it is possible to find both insulating products and special paints that protect the wall from the formation of stains.

As for the application techniques, the simplest tools are the classic rollers and brushes, if you have a little experience you can use a spray system.

Prepare the surface to be painted

Before starting to paint the bedroom walls, proper preparation of the walls is essential:

  1. remove all traces of dust with a cloth or a duvet, both from the walls themselves and from the skirting boards, fixtures, and electric plates
  2. if there are points where the old paint tends to flake, it is useful to pass a sheet of thin sandpaper and completely eliminate all residues
  3. nails, plugs, and hooks must be removed, making sure to close the holes with a good wall putty, even ready-made
  4. if there are damp spots, it is advisable, after having passed them with a specific detergent, to apply an anti-mold product, even of natural origin.

Apply the chosen color to the walls

After finishing the preparation of the walls and having covered furniture and floors, you can proceed to paint the bedroom with the chosen technique. The general rule is to start from the ceiling, using a sufficiently high ladder or, better still, a scaffolding. Once the ceiling has been painted, you can move on to the walls: if you use the brush or roller, you can use the ladder or an extension, according to your preferences and habits.

In any case, it is important to paint small areas, about one square meter. Each coat of color must dry perfectly before moving on to the next: in most cases, two coats are more than enough, however, if you intend to cover a darker shade with a light color you may need a third coat.

Carry out touch-ups and finishes

Once the second or third coat is finished, as needed, some final tweaking may be required. Usually, the finishes and touch-ups involve the margins next to doors, window frames, baseboards, power outlets, and generally where the adhesive paper tape has been applied, which could have compromised the accuracy in the application of the color and created some imperfection.

There may be traces of color on glass, sockets, and other elements, which must be removed with a special solvent taking care not to stain the wall. Obviously, even taking the utmost precaution during work, it is always necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning throughout the room.

Find the ideal professional to paint your bedroom

If after understanding how to paint the bedroom you prefer to contact a professional, Gikas Montclair Painting & Contracting is the ideal solution for you. The platform allows you to contact the best painters and decorators who work in your area of ​​residence, request a detailed quote, and know the time needed to complete the job.

The Gikas Montclair Painting & Contracting service is free and allows you to request a quote, and then make arrangements with the professional who can best meet your needs.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the best moment of Xiaomi

Xiaomi created the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with the aim of offering almost literally everything to its owner – θήκες κινητών -, incorporating the top components in every field creating an unrivaled whole. By far, it is the most impressive mobile phone of the company to date and perfect in general. The question that arises is if it can actually support what it promises.

Design – Screen

The back of the phone has a mixture of exaggeration and minimalism. Below, there is only the Xiaomi logo, very discreet and without unnecessary touches. On the other hand, on the upper side is the most distinctive (visual) part of the device, a huge part where the cameras are located and a small screen on their right, all in the same part which protrudes significantly from the device and occupies almost one third of the total area.

Speaking of weight, the total dimensions of the mobile phone are 164.3×74.6×8.38mm with a weight of 234g. It is a bit heavy compared to other phones of similar size, probably due to components such as the 5000mAh battery that it houses inside and of course the camera. The back is made of ceramic material, which offers great durability and a beautiful feeling to the touch, while the frame is made of aluminum. On the right side of the device are the volume and activation keys, with the left side remaining crystal clear. At the bottom there are several: a speaker, a microphone, a USB-C port and a SIM card slot. Respectively on the upper side, another speaker next to another microphone and next to an IR blaster.

Going forward, we will find a punch hole camera in the upper left corner of the huge 6.8 ”screen, the margins of which, however, are extremely thin. The panel is AMOLED (10-bit) technology and has WQHD + resolution (3200×1440 with a density of 515ppi), offering crystal clear images with vibrant colors and excellent black, with a maximum brightness that reaches 1700 nits and makes it easy to use even in light of the sun. It also supports HDR10 + and Dolby Vision standards, so content that utilizes them looks amazing, especially for mobile data.

Performance – Battery

We move on to the performance part, where more or less, we will see that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra “wears” the best on the market. It is equipped with the octa-core Snapdragon 888 (1x ARM Cortex-X1 @ 2.84GHz, 3x ARM Cortex-A78 @ 2.4GHz and 4x ARM Cortex-A55 @ 1.8GHz) framed by the Adreno 660 GPU, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 25GB of RAM UFS 3.1 – 8GB or 16GB RAM and 512GB storage are available in the Chinese market, while all models support 5G connectivity.

The AnTuTu benchmark is in the top five, ahead of other companies’ flagships despite using the same SoC, while Xiaomi promises multi-level cooling using copper and graphite pieces, heat-conducting paste and vapor chamber to meet Snapd 88 88 In everything concerning simple applications (social, mails, etc.) there were at least 2-3 applications open at the same time and the switching between them was always immediate and without problems. In the games, from Genshin Impact to Call of Duty. It coped with the above by maintaining constant frames in high graphics, with any drops being instantaneous and imperceptible.


Initially, it is a three-camera system with the main wide (50MP, f / 1.95, 1 / 1.12 ”sensor size, OIS) accompanied by an ultra-wide (48MP, 128 degrees, f / 2.2, 1 / 2.0” size sensor) and a telephoto lens (120x digital zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 5x optical zoom, OIS). It can record up to 8K video from any camera, with the difference that the main one will also support HDR.

The huge sensor of the main camera easily shows its capabilities, as it receives a lot of light and manages to maintain colors, textures and details even in low light as few smartphones can do. It also gives a great bokeh effect, perfectly blurring the background around the subject, but in slightly more complex objects it sometimes blurs very close to the edges of the object and we either have to live with it or focus again in the hope that it will not repeat itself. In complete darkness, Night Mode does a great job, again due in large part to the camera’s large sensor – there’s just a noticeable drop in color quality, somewhat expected but worth mentioning.

In the video part, it goes just as well with small inconsistencies, such as autofocus that often struggles to adequately follow the subject or visual stabilization that is sometimes perfect and other times not so reliable. Otherwise, 8K / 24fps or 4K / 60fps, with many options for up to 960fps in lower resolution, offers the expected quality in details, textures and colors one would expect, but clearly inferior to static with images produced by the main camera.

The wide-angle lens is doing well, offering the largest angle currently available on a smartphone, and although there is an obvious drop in quality compared to the main camera, it is by no means bad or even mediocre. Even if a huge image is captured that will later be crop, the result remains impressive and detailed even if the photo was taken during the night. Of course, again due to the large angle of view, the edges of the photo have visible distortion, something common for ultra-wide lenses but to a greater extent due to the field of view.

At lower zooms, up to the hybrid 10x zoom, the results are amazing (in part thanks to the optical image stabilization) as long as one does not look too closely at the image – there are color and edge flaws. In general, it is one of the most capable telephoto lenses one can find on a cell phone today.


Taking a step back and looking at what the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has to offer, it’s hard to find anything missing. Stunning screen, fantastic camera, two powerful speakers, fast charging, a small screen for additional uses (however limited) – are full of features and functions.

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How to deal with moisture in the bathroom

The bathroom in every house is the room where moisture can be created very easily and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can help you to deal with this problem. There are ways to deal with this problem and we will see them below.

Where does the moisture in the bathroom come from?

Moisture in the bathroom is a phenomenon that we encounter very often in a home and can even affect our health (asthma, allergies, etc.).

Moisture from leaks

In fact, many times the moisture may not even be visible as it can be hidden behind the tiles. But where can the moisture in the bathroom be due? What should we watch out for to avoid its appearance?

One of the main reasons for moisture to appear in our bathroom is the water heater that is usually located in the attic just above the bathroom. Thus, in a possible damage or leak that our water heater may have, then we notice the first signs of moisture on the bathroom ceiling. So if you find water droplets or signs of mold in your bathroom, it is good to immediately check its proper operation to avoid further appearance of moisture and mold.

The build in toilets are another source of moisture. Old toilets in the bathroom wall can cause problems, so moisture can start to build up on the bathroom walls and the tiles can start to swell.

We often observe moisture in our bathroom (mainly on the ceiling), which in fact may increase, but for no apparent reason. In these cases it is necessary to check the plumbing on the upper floor as it is not uncommon for a damage to the pipes of the other apartment to affect the appearance of moisture in us. Also, in case there is a roof on the upper floor then we definitely need to check its insulation, because obviously there is damage to it that allows the creation of moisture.

Gutters can also cause moisture in our bathroom when they pass through floors or walls. So in case one of them is defective or has insufficient insulation then the moisture will make its appearance. Then we need to immediately repair or replace the gutter or siphon to reduce moisture and avoid its expansion to a greater extent.

Radiators as well as water and sewer pipes are often the cause of moisture in the bathroom. So when any of these pipes leak then very quickly we will notice the black marks on the walls or ceiling of our bathroom, an indication that moisture has begun to build up.

How to prevent the appearance of moisture in your bathroom

When we finish our bath or shower, it would be good to leave the bathroom door open, even if we have the opportunity to let a fan work in it for a while. It is a way to dry the walls and the floor and prevent moisture from appearing. If now our bathroom has a serious moisture problem then the dehumidifier is the best solution. The moisture will decrease and we will not have mold. It is a good investment that will save us from many and costly problems.

After the bath or shower, if we have ducklings in the bathroom, we must spread them to dry. The towels we use in the bathroom should be spread immediately afterwards and of course once a week it is necessary to change them. If we have a curtain in our bathroom we should, for a few minutes, keep it open to remove the moisture of the bathtub. Of course, immediately after that we have to close it, so that the curtain itself dries.

The moisture that is created in the bathroom has as a consequence the creation of unpleasant odors. To deal with them you can use two ingredients that exist in every household, baking soda and vinegar. Put white vinegar and baking soda in a jar and place it on the counter, next to the sink. This mixture will absorb any odor in the bathroom.

If we use a soy wax and place it in our bathroom, we will quickly realize that when we turn it on, all the smells, even that of the mold created by moisture, will be lost. Some plants such as fern and lilies are just as effective. They are a natural solution while at the same time aesthetically upgrading your bathroom. After the bath, also effective in dealing with moisture is to wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth. Properly ventilated bathrooms are probably the best way to ensure that there is no moisture and no mold in this very special area of ​​our home.

Make bottles with eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary oil and perfume the bathroom. Alternatively you can place lavender bags on the radiator and leave them there. You will have a double result. You will eliminate the odors they havethe wonderful aroma in the space and at the same time you will eliminate any trace of moisture. You can also place a small bowl of rice in the bathroom to absorb moisture.

We hope these little tips fron Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου help you get rid of the smelly and annoying moisture problem in your bathroom.

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How to avoid home leaks!

How to avoid home leaks!

If you have never had a leak in your home you are luck. If misfortune has knocked on your door, then you know for sure that the best way to deal with the problem is to prevent it. Have your pipes checked seldom by a professional plumber – υδραυλικές εργασίες.

Plumbers have compiled a list of all the points you should check if you do not want to face unexpected problems and leaks at home! A small repair, here and there, is the best way to avoid emptying your bank account due to broken pipes. So let’s see how you can avoid danger with ease and confidence!

Types of water leaks

There are two types of leaks. Catastrophic water leaks that destroy the house and costly water leaks that increase water bills.

Catastrophic water leaks occur in homes – more regularly than one might expect. Toilet lines explode, pipes freeze, radiator pipes crack – the possibilities are endless.

Imagine leaking water when you are away for the weekend – it could easily flood your house. It does not just mean tens of thousands of damages – it also means that you have to leave your home so that technicians can repair the damage. Tile removal, piping replacement and more must be done to return to your home.

The other type of leakage that occurs in homes is costly water leaks. An underground irrigation leak can go unnoticed for months, increasing total bills by thousands. Understanding these types of leaks and your attention can save you in the long run!

4 Types of catastrophic home water leaks

In general, there are 4 types of catastrophic water leaks:

  • Hot water piping leaks
  • Water pipes
  • Toilet supply lines
  • Device failures

Burst pipes can occur anywhere in your home and are generally caused by cooling temperatures in your home. The result can be a catastrophic explosion of pipes that can occur in the walls.

Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers have power lines that supply it. Many times they are rubber and are prone to explosion.

The failure of hot water tanks over time can fail and cause significant damage. This is usually due to a lack of maintenance or replacement of the rise bars. When a hot water tank fails, the first thing that happens is 120 litres of hot water in your basement and then the leak continues.

What are the most common types of costly home leaks?

Expensive leaks increase water bills and are sometimes difficult to detect. They are silent and only appear on the monthly water bill as a huge cost increase! There are two important types of costly water leaks that you need to consider.

Leaking toilets are constantly appearing and are much more likely to occur in buildings such as apartment buildings. Either a toilet flap corrodes and slowly lets the water pass or the toilet just has gaps during gluing, causing leaks like an open faucet.

Irrigation leaks usually occur underground and can be difficult to observe. An underground line will break, erode, or freeze in winter due to lack of water. These leaks can increase your water bill and take a long time to find.
What will leak damage cost you?

Water damage is the second strongest claim in Europe. For example, the average home insurance claim for a broken pipe is over € 100,000. However, the damage can be much greater depending on what you have in the area of ​​your home, the leak. Within 24 hours, mold begins to grow in stagnant water, which can cause decay in furniture and other objects. In addition to instantly detectable leaks, undetected water leaks can add hundreds to your water bill each year.

A basement full of water is an obvious problem, but some leaks may go unnoticed causing huge spills in your water bill. A leak, such as a corroded toilet flush, can cause water to flow throughout the day, adding hundreds of euros to your water bill each month.

A leak could cost thousands of euros at home to repair and replace appliances. It could also irreparably damage your property by destroying photos or other items of emotional value. Although you can replace your floors, your TV or your washing machine, I’m sure you can think of some things in your home that you just could not replace if they were to be damaged.

How to avoid leaks at home?

Check the roof regularly. By checking the roof of your house at regular intervals, you will significantly reduce the risk of leakage from this source. Especially after a strong storm or very strong winds, it is good to look at the condition of the roof of your house. If the tiles are damaged, do not forget to replace or repair them.

1. Clean the gutter

A very common cause of flooding is clogged gutters. If not cleaned regularly, the gutters in the house can become clogged. Stones, leaves drifted by rainwater and dust can lead to significant leaks in your home. Regular cleaning and a little care will save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Pay attention to the audible signs

An easy way to avoid leaks at home is to pay attention to detail. If you hear strange noises, even when the bathroom is not used by anyone, you should check it. Another sign that there is a problem is water dripping. Avoid throwing objects in the sink and toilet. Also check the water pressure. If it is low compared to your usual, we recommend that you call an experienced plumber to solve the problem, before experiencing leaks in your home.

3. Check the windows of the house

A safe way to prevent leaks in the home is to check the windows regularly. Especially in the winter months, the phenomenon of liquefaction or “sweat” of the windows often occurs. This phenomenon can have a variety of negative effects not only on your home but also on your health. Ask a qualified professional to suggest the right solution to the problem, easily, quickly and reliably.

4. Insulate the pipes in your home

Although our country is known for its mild and temperate climate, some winters are really cold. Low temperatures can lead to cooling of the water in the pipes. This, of course, can cause significant damage to the pipes, resulting in leaks in the house. One solution to this problem is to insulate the pipes before winter comes with all the negative consequences it has.

Whatever problem you have in your home, do not hesitate to contact our specialized professional plumbers to give you the solution you need!

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Which direction is the search engine heading? Google algorithm update history

Which direction is the search engine heading? Google algorithm update history

Virtually all of us use the Google search engine on a daily basis. Over the years, its algorithms have been updated many times, so that users get the results of the pages as close to their expectations as possible. After so many changes, we can try to draw conclusions and answer the question: which direction is the search engine heading?

How does the Google search engine work?

The Google search engine bases its operation on specially developed algorithms. Algorithms are a kind of set of tasks and rules thanks to which the search engine analyzes the information contained on websites and evaluates their value. This allows it to display pages in a specific order in the search result lists. These algorithms were created to sort of organize the internet. From the very beginning, the Google search engine has been driven by the desire to provide users with the most relevant search results, and all the algorithm updates that appear are designed to bring it closer to this goal.

The most important algorithms and updates, i.e. Google over the years

The PageRank link era

PageRank was the first search engine algorithm to analyze and evaluate the value of websites. In this case, the site classification was based on the number of links leading to a given page. However, this algorithm was not immune to manipulation, so Google quickly began to focus on other issues as well and implemented updates.

The essence of content, i.e. the Panda algorithm

Another algorithm developed by Google was Panda. Due to the importance of content, this algorithm was designed to evaluate content on websites. There were penalties for duplicating content (both external and internal) and too much keyword saturation, and subpages with exhaustive, unique and valuable content were promoted.

Penguin’s fight against spam

Valuable content continued to be one of the most important factors in website classification. However, Google started fighting spam by creating a new algorithm called Penguin. The number of links has become very important here, and more precisely, their increase over time. If Google assessed it as unnatural – a penalty was imposed. The quality of the links themselves and the diversification of their sources have also become important.

The pirate ends up with piracy

Another important update was the algorithm with the meaningful name of Pirate. It was intended to remove pages with illegal content from search results. Pages with unique and original content have greatly benefited from it.

Understanding the user’s intent, i.e. the Hummingbird

The algorithm named after the cute bird that is the Hummingbird is one of the most important algorithms that indicate where the search engine is going. It was aimed at understanding the user’s intentions when the user enters certain key phrases in the search box, the so-called long taile. For example, after entering the query “where can I eat Mexican dish” in the search engine, we will see Mexican restaurants, although the exact phrase “Mexican restaurant” did not appear in this query.

A new function was also to indicate the information sought without having to leave the search results.

Hummingbird algorithm search results

The algorithm named after the cute bird that is the Hummingbird is one of the most important algorithms that indicate where the search engine is going. It was aimed at understanding the user’s intentions when the user enters certain key phrases in the search box, the so-called long taile. For example, after entering the query “where can I eat Mexican dish” in the search engine, we will see Mexican restaurants, although the exact phrase “Mexican restaurant” did not appear in this query.

A new function was also to indicate the information sought without having to leave the search results. This is clearly shown in the example below.

Pigeon and local search

Importantly, Google also began to support local activities. The algorithm called Dove allowed the display of results relevant to the location of the user searching for a given service. Companies that offered local services, had well-optimized pages and supplemented Google My Business cards benefited mainly.

Mobilegeddon, or Mobile Friendly Update

Another update of Google’s algorithms was Mobilegeddon. This is the common name for Mobile Friendly Update, which was created due to the growing number of users browsing websites on their smartphones. Pages that also had a mobile version were to appear higher in search results.

RankBrain and the machine learning system

One of the most important Google algorithms has become RankBrain, i.e. artificial intelligence. According to Parmarketing, the machine learning system was introduced to the search engine algorithm in 2015. Its task was to analyze the meaning of the query and provide the most appropriate answer. This was especially important in the case of long and complicated sentences entered into the search engine by users.

Positioning of local businesses, i.e. Possum

The Possum algorithm was a whole series of changes to the Google algorithm. Search results began to depend on the user’s physical location. This was especially beneficial for businesses whose activities are conducted in a location other than the company’s headquarters.

Your Money Your Life and Medical Update

In mid-2018, Google came to the conclusion that areas of life such as our health and finances are too important to be treated like any other. That is why the next update that influenced the operation of the search engine was Medical Update. The goal was to provide users with reliable information on the financial and medical industry. Pages that could confirm the quality of their content with the author’s authority gained first of all.

Other important updates, i.e. Core Updates

In the next two years, there were five more major updates of the algorithm with the note Core Update. They were: March 2019 Core Update, June 2019 Core Update, September 2019 Core Update, January 2020 Core Update and May 2020 Core Update. In none of these cases has information been officially released or confirmed about what actually changed by Google. We can presume, however, that the search engine tries to take care of the positive user experience, i.e. UX, and continues to reward pages with valuable and exhaustive content.

Google BERT Natural Language Processing Update

Google Bert is by far the biggest update to the Google search engine algorithm this year. Its task was to incorporate natural language processing into the algorithm, and then provide even better tailored and more relevant search results. This was of great importance to the results on long typed phrases and naturally formed queries. This is also important from the perspective of the increasingly popular voice search, which is available in virtually every smartphone, as well as in many models of modern cars.


Changes that are introduced in the search engine algorithms on an ongoing basis are a very complicated and lengthy process. Google is constantly updating them in order to provide its users with the simplest possible use of the search engine and the best tailored answers to queries. By analyzing the history of all the changes made, we can see how Google has changed over the years.

Initially, it focused on the number of links leading to the site. A bit later, the quantity and quality of content on the website also became important. Soon, Google started fighting spam and manipulative, unnatural SEO. Thanks to this, we can say that Google will certainly continue to try to reward really valuable websites and improve its technologies. You can see that the search engine aims to display pages that will bring real value to its users. To achieve this, he tries to better understand the intentions of his users (read: What is Search Intent SEO?).

In accordance with the principle of “content is king”, the traffic generation system will be maintained, based on substantively valuable content and the authority of its authors. In the coming years, we can certainly expect further development of machine learning and better use of artificial intelligence in the search engine. Certainly, the world of SEO is still waiting for numerous surprises and unexpected updates, which will cause real chaos more than once.

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What is deepfake porn?



What is deepfake porn?

When a stolen person is enough to produce a porn video of millions of views, the nightmare of deporting people begins. You may have given your consent to a stranger to take a video of you, you may have given a photo of yourself to a person like escorts usually do. Deepfake porn is a hundred times more dangerous than all of the above.

We post our daily words, images, photos either solo or with friends. This need did not exist 20 years ago, today it is associated with the daily life of all those who own a smartphone and an account on a social media.

Funny deepfake video

First of all, have fun! You see the face of Sylvester Stallone through a ‘magic’ A.I treatment, ‘fastening’ perfectly to Macaulay Culkin’s body. In other, equally viral videos, we have seen comedian BIll Harder imitating Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise, who are magically imprinted on his face during the video.

What is the problem with deepfake videos?

Kristen Bell and Emma Watson are some of the most popular faces in the world of deepfake porn. Their faces appear in videos with hard sex material that have been uploaded to sites such as XVideos and XnXX and collect hundreds of thousands of views every day. As Kristen Bell herself describes in a Vox video, she suddenly found out about deepfake through a friend of her partner, actor Dax Sheppard, who was warned that “a video with your wife’s face is being released, a video of a tough porn ”.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Deepfake videos produced with digital tools that often cost no more than $ 100. Most of them are digital smudges that still work, as a perfect tool for transmitting each person, even Athens escorts. It is at least impressive that even in Pornhub, where deepfake porn is officially banned, many new ones spring up every day.

The real nightmare

Kristen Bell and Emma Watson have the financial comfort to hire lawyers and drag pornographic sites that illegally host their characters into endless lawsuits. But what about the deepfakes that involve ordinary people, or escorts call girls those we call “next door”?

These are multiplying at a machine gun rate, while the legal framework in Europe and Britain for A.I porn is still trying to understand what all this means. According to an article by Matt Burgess in Wired, to combat deepfake porn requires the generous cooperation of A.I. developers, professionals working at the highest level of copyright and lawmaking. At the moment, this has not started to happen. This is the real nightmare.

Deepfake porn is the shame of porn

When a stolen person is enough to produce a porn video of millions of views, the nightmare of deporting people begins.

You may have given your consent to a stranger to take a video of you, you may have given a photo of yourself to a person who shouldn’t. Deepfake porn is a hundred times more dangerous than all these.

We daily post images, photos and never think what might get wrong. Today it is associated with the daily life of all those who own a smartphone and an account on a social media app like Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter.

The explosion of deepfakes has become a problem for businesses and corporate leaders

The technology that puts celebrities in the bodies of others, especially in the field of pornography, has caused huge problems.

Deepfake videos, which use artificial intelligence to place the face of a celebrity on the body of a porn star or escorts in Athens, or to show a public figure saying or doing something outrageous, are spreading rapidly on the internet.

The vast majority of these videos are obviously fake, but there is an increase in deepfakes targeting women. In addition, there are growing indications that dark forces are using artificial intelligence-powered digital tools to destabilize governments and extort money from companies.

Deeptrace, an Amsterdam-based cybersecurity company that makes tools for detecting fake videos, has released new research aimed at quantifying the development of the deepfake phenomenon. According to the findings, in the last seven months the number of deepfake videos – a term that combines deep learning (branch of artificial intelligence) and the word fake (false) – has doubled to 14,678.

The vast majority (96%) of these videos are pornographic. A much smaller number of videos target politicians or well-known businessmen such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk or Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

A 2% of deepfake videos found on YouTube show business personalities. This trend should worry business leaders as, in the future, these videos could be a powerful weapon against the reputation of individuals and companies, warn researchers.

Recently, there have been reports that fraudsters have used artificial intelligence to mimic the voice of the head of a company – a type of fraud called “synthetic voice forgery”.

“There have been many cases where a synthetic voice has been used to deceive companies. “Although no evidence has been provided that the audio file was indeed artificial and not genuine, these cases show how this technology could potentially be used to upgrade attacks against businesses and individuals.”

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the-alphabet-method-in-seo/ ‎

The alphabet method in SEO

the-alphabet-method-in-seo/ ‎

The alphabet method in SEO

It is true that every time you need to write an article you need to do a small research first. You need to find the right key words in order to produce a text and the content that will boost the performance of your website. There is a method called the google alphabet method which helps you never run out of themes for your website.

Who is behind Google Alphabet method?

The two people who own Income School are two very nice Americans who have quit their jobs in big American companies and have managed after many years of trying to build some small online businesses from lucrative news sites.

They themselves,maintain a very active YouTube channel and are fanatical content producers and in one of their videos they reveal what they do to discover new ideas for videos for their channel and for articles on their websites.

They have more than ten thematic websites and write useful articles for their audience in order to serve the basic need of their audience for information and secondly to go up to Google without creating a single backlinks. There are no third party blog posts aimed at getting backlinks, they do not at all do backlinks and they do not seek to do so.

They rely solely on the organic development of their website through unique and quality content. They just write amazing articles and expect Google to rank them in the top spot over time. They use exactly White Hat SEO techniques as described by Google itself in the Webmaster Central Blog.

What is the Google Alphabet method?

The Google Alphabet method in Google’s Greek Alphabet has to do with getting the keyword for your website which can be for example “Skydiving”. Then you have to go to the Google search box and do a search for each letter of the Greek or Latin alphabet depending on the language you are writing.

See an example below:

  • Skydiving a
  • Skydiving b
  • Skydiving c
  • Skydiving d, etc.

All of the above suggestions can easily be turned into articles or pages with 1,000 or more words, depending on what purpose they serve.

So the types of content we can write are:

  1. Article answer to a user question or keyword phrase usually 1,200 words long.
  2. Epic station article for our target market, 2,000 words or more. It can often reach up to 10,000 words, reaching the size of a small book.
  3. Landing page that can be a service area, service or product.
  4. Video related to the keyword.

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5-tips-for-a-magical-first-date/ ‎

5 tips for a magical first date

5-tips-for-a-magical-first-date/ ‎

5 tips for a magical first date

The first date has a bittersweet taste. Because you are never sure how it will turn out. Did you make it, did you impress him or did you make a mess? Did you show the relaxed image of the girl that everyone had advised you or did your bad self come out?

I do not know if this will calm you down, but there are many chances that he thinks the same. These are thoughts that go through his own mind after the first date. He may not call his coworkers as soon as he turns the corner, but he will surely wonder how it seemed to you. If you liked him, if you would like to see him again, etc.

1. Don’t be late in the first date

Or if you are late, you are not as late as you are with your girlfriends. They know you. They know that when you say you will be ready in five minutes, you wear a bathrobe and fool around with videos on YouTube. He does not need to know though. Not even so rude.

2. Break the ice of the first ten minutes

It will always be as if a needle is inserted in your hand and you do not feel pain. Why do you focus on achieving the carefree, relaxed, smiling guy who arrived with air and confidence. Yes, it should. Even if you die inside to learn what he thinks with what he sees you. Make sure to ask simple questions but never insult the other person!

3. Smile

Smile a little, so much so that she can not describe you as happy, but neither can Cruella De Ville. Look him in the eye and try to be yourself. Your good self, the one who goes to the movies, reads books, has an opinion and when he leaves school he has energy for walks and music.

4. Put the body language game between you

Body language but always in moderation. Body language can help you boost your date faster. As long as you do it without exaggeration. You can just touch him loosely at times after something really funny or cute. Or just look at him intensely when you feel that he is processing you.

5. Never mention your exes!

There is no easier way to get into the friend zone than to talk to the potential present about your ex. He does not care what Babis did to you or that he left you on your birthday to fix it with someone else. But if you continue to analyze separations and frustrations, he will begin to understand those who left you. No one but no one can stand the misery and whining on the first date.

Bonus: Be yourself! Nothing is better than showing your true colors from the first date!

What you just read were the 5 tips for a magical first date! We hope that you are going to use them and make the best out of your first date!

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