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What is deepfake porn?



What is deepfake porn?

When a stolen person is enough to produce a porn video of millions of views, the nightmare of deporting people begins. You may have given your consent to a stranger to take a video of you, you may have given a photo of yourself to a person like escorts usually do. Deepfake porn is a hundred times more dangerous than all of the above.

We post our daily words, images, photos either solo or with friends. This need did not exist 20 years ago, today it is associated with the daily life of all those who own a smartphone and an account on a social media.

Funny deepfake video

First of all, have fun! You see the face of Sylvester Stallone through a ‘magic’ A.I treatment, ‘fastening’ perfectly to Macaulay Culkin’s body. In other, equally viral videos, we have seen comedian BIll Harder imitating Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise, who are magically imprinted on his face during the video.

What is the problem with deepfake videos?

Kristen Bell and Emma Watson are some of the most popular faces in the world of deepfake porn. Their faces appear in videos with hard sex material that have been uploaded to sites such as XVideos and XnXX and collect hundreds of thousands of views every day. As Kristen Bell herself describes in a Vox video, she suddenly found out about deepfake through a friend of her partner, actor Dax Sheppard, who was warned that “a video with your wife’s face is being released, a video of a tough porn ”.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Deepfake videos produced with digital tools that often cost no more than $ 100. Most of them are digital smudges that still work, as a perfect tool for transmitting each person, even Athens escorts. It is at least impressive that even in Pornhub, where deepfake porn is officially banned, many new ones spring up every day.

The real nightmare

Kristen Bell and Emma Watson have the financial comfort to hire lawyers and drag pornographic sites that illegally host their characters into endless lawsuits. But what about the deepfakes that involve ordinary people, or escorts call girls those we call “next door”?

These are multiplying at a machine gun rate, while the legal framework in Europe and Britain for A.I porn is still trying to understand what all this means. According to an article by Matt Burgess in Wired, to combat deepfake porn requires the generous cooperation of A.I. developers, professionals working at the highest level of copyright and lawmaking. At the moment, this has not started to happen. This is the real nightmare.

Deepfake porn is the shame of porn

When a stolen person is enough to produce a porn video of millions of views, the nightmare of deporting people begins.

You may have given your consent to a stranger to take a video of you, you may have given a photo of yourself to a person who shouldn’t. Deepfake porn is a hundred times more dangerous than all these.

We daily post images, photos and never think what might get wrong. Today it is associated with the daily life of all those who own a smartphone and an account on a social media app like Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter.

The explosion of deepfakes has become a problem for businesses and corporate leaders

The technology that puts celebrities in the bodies of others, especially in the field of pornography, has caused huge problems.

Deepfake videos, which use artificial intelligence to place the face of a celebrity on the body of a porn star or escorts in Athens, or to show a public figure saying or doing something outrageous, are spreading rapidly on the internet.

The vast majority of these videos are obviously fake, but there is an increase in deepfakes targeting women. In addition, there are growing indications that dark forces are using artificial intelligence-powered digital tools to destabilize governments and extort money from companies.

Deeptrace, an Amsterdam-based cybersecurity company that makes tools for detecting fake videos, has released new research aimed at quantifying the development of the deepfake phenomenon. According to the findings, in the last seven months the number of deepfake videos – a term that combines deep learning (branch of artificial intelligence) and the word fake (false) – has doubled to 14,678.

The vast majority (96%) of these videos are pornographic. A much smaller number of videos target politicians or well-known businessmen such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk or Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

A 2% of deepfake videos found on YouTube show business personalities. This trend should worry business leaders as, in the future, these videos could be a powerful weapon against the reputation of individuals and companies, warn researchers.

Recently, there have been reports that fraudsters have used artificial intelligence to mimic the voice of the head of a company – a type of fraud called “synthetic voice forgery”.

“There have been many cases where a synthetic voice has been used to deceive companies. “Although no evidence has been provided that the audio file was indeed artificial and not genuine, these cases show how this technology could potentially be used to upgrade attacks against businesses and individuals.”

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5-tips-for-a-magical-first-date/ ‎

5 tips for a magical first date

5-tips-for-a-magical-first-date/ ‎

5 tips for a magical first date

The first date has a bittersweet taste. Because you are never sure how it will turn out. Did you make it, did you impress him or did you make a mess? Did you show the relaxed image of the girl that everyone had advised you or did your bad self come out?

I do not know if this will calm you down, but there are many chances that he thinks the same. These are thoughts that go through his own mind after the first date. He may not call his coworkers as soon as he turns the corner, but he will surely wonder how it seemed to you. If you liked him, if you would like to see him again, etc.

1. Don’t be late in the first date

Or if you are late, you are not as late as you are with your girlfriends. They know you. They know that when you say you will be ready in five minutes, you wear a bathrobe and fool around with videos on YouTube. He does not need to know though. Not even so rude.

2. Break the ice of the first ten minutes

It will always be as if a needle is inserted in your hand and you do not feel pain. Why do you focus on achieving the carefree, relaxed, smiling guy who arrived with air and confidence. Yes, it should. Even if you die inside to learn what he thinks with what he sees you. Make sure to ask simple questions but never insult the other person!

3. Smile

Smile a little, so much so that she can not describe you as happy, but neither can Cruella De Ville. Look him in the eye and try to be yourself. Your good self, the one who goes to the movies, reads books, has an opinion and when he leaves school he has energy for walks and music.

4. Put the body language game between you

Body language but always in moderation. Body language can help you boost your date faster. As long as you do it without exaggeration. You can just touch him loosely at times after something really funny or cute. Or just look at him intensely when you feel that he is processing you.

5. Never mention your exes!

There is no easier way to get into the friend zone than to talk to the potential present about your ex. He does not care what Babis did to you or that he left you on your birthday to fix it with someone else. But if you continue to analyze separations and frustrations, he will begin to understand those who left you. No one but no one can stand the misery and whining on the first date.

Bonus: Be yourself! Nothing is better than showing your true colors from the first date!

What you just read were the 5 tips for a magical first date! We hope that you are going to use them and make the best out of your first date!

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