How to deal with moisture in the bathroom

The bathroom in every house is the room where moisture can be created very easily and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can help you to deal with this problem. There are ways to deal with this problem and we will see them below.

Where does the moisture in the bathroom come from?

Moisture in the bathroom is a phenomenon that we encounter very often in a home and can even affect our health (asthma, allergies, etc.).

Moisture from leaks

In fact, many times the moisture may not even be visible as it can be hidden behind the tiles. But where can the moisture in the bathroom be due? What should we watch out for to avoid its appearance?

One of the main reasons for moisture to appear in our bathroom is the water heater that is usually located in the attic just above the bathroom. Thus, in a possible damage or leak that our water heater may have, then we notice the first signs of moisture on the bathroom ceiling. So if you find water droplets or signs of mold in your bathroom, it is good to immediately check its proper operation to avoid further appearance of moisture and mold.

The build in toilets are another source of moisture. Old toilets in the bathroom wall can cause problems, so moisture can start to build up on the bathroom walls and the tiles can start to swell.

We often observe moisture in our bathroom (mainly on the ceiling), which in fact may increase, but for no apparent reason. In these cases it is necessary to check the plumbing on the upper floor as it is not uncommon for a damage to the pipes of the other apartment to affect the appearance of moisture in us. Also, in case there is a roof on the upper floor then we definitely need to check its insulation, because obviously there is damage to it that allows the creation of moisture.

Gutters can also cause moisture in our bathroom when they pass through floors or walls. So in case one of them is defective or has insufficient insulation then the moisture will make its appearance. Then we need to immediately repair or replace the gutter or siphon to reduce moisture and avoid its expansion to a greater extent.

Radiators as well as water and sewer pipes are often the cause of moisture in the bathroom. So when any of these pipes leak then very quickly we will notice the black marks on the walls or ceiling of our bathroom, an indication that moisture has begun to build up.

How to prevent the appearance of moisture in your bathroom

When we finish our bath or shower, it would be good to leave the bathroom door open, even if we have the opportunity to let a fan work in it for a while. It is a way to dry the walls and the floor and prevent moisture from appearing. If now our bathroom has a serious moisture problem then the dehumidifier is the best solution. The moisture will decrease and we will not have mold. It is a good investment that will save us from many and costly problems.

After the bath or shower, if we have ducklings in the bathroom, we must spread them to dry. The towels we use in the bathroom should be spread immediately afterwards and of course once a week it is necessary to change them. If we have a curtain in our bathroom we should, for a few minutes, keep it open to remove the moisture of the bathtub. Of course, immediately after that we have to close it, so that the curtain itself dries.

The moisture that is created in the bathroom has as a consequence the creation of unpleasant odors. To deal with them you can use two ingredients that exist in every household, baking soda and vinegar. Put white vinegar and baking soda in a jar and place it on the counter, next to the sink. This mixture will absorb any odor in the bathroom.

If we use a soy wax and place it in our bathroom, we will quickly realize that when we turn it on, all the smells, even that of the mold created by moisture, will be lost. Some plants such as fern and lilies are just as effective. They are a natural solution while at the same time aesthetically upgrading your bathroom. After the bath, also effective in dealing with moisture is to wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth. Properly ventilated bathrooms are probably the best way to ensure that there is no moisture and no mold in this very special area of ​​our home.

Make bottles with eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary oil and perfume the bathroom. Alternatively you can place lavender bags on the radiator and leave them there. You will have a double result. You will eliminate the odors they havethe wonderful aroma in the space and at the same time you will eliminate any trace of moisture. You can also place a small bowl of rice in the bathroom to absorb moisture.

We hope these little tips fron Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου help you get rid of the smelly and annoying moisture problem in your bathroom.

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