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The alphabet method in SEO

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The alphabet method in SEO

It is true that every time you need to write an article you need to do a small research first. You need to find the right key words in order to produce a text and the content that will boost the performance of your website. There is a method called the google alphabet method which helps you never run out of themes for your website.

Who is behind Google Alphabet method?

The two people who own Income School are two very nice Americans who have quit their jobs in big American companies and have managed after many years of trying to build some small online businesses from lucrative news sites.

They themselves,maintain a very active YouTube channel and are fanatical content producers and in one of their videos they reveal what they do to discover new ideas for videos for their channel and for articles on their websites.

They have more than ten thematic websites and write useful articles for their audience in order to serve the basic need of their audience for information and secondly to go up to Google without creating a single backlinks. There are no third party blog posts aimed at getting backlinks, they do not at all do backlinks and they do not seek to do so.

They rely solely on the organic development of their website through unique and quality content. They just write amazing articles and expect Google to rank them in the top spot over time. They use exactly White Hat SEO techniques as described by Google itself in the Webmaster Central Blog.

What is the Google Alphabet method?

The Google Alphabet method in Google’s Greek Alphabet has to do with getting the keyword for your website which can be for example “Skydiving”. Then you have to go to the Google search box and do a search for each letter of the Greek or Latin alphabet depending on the language you are writing.

See an example below:

  • Skydiving a
  • Skydiving b
  • Skydiving c
  • Skydiving d, etc.

All of the above suggestions can easily be turned into articles or pages with 1,000 or more words, depending on what purpose they serve.

So the types of content we can write are:

  1. Article answer to a user question or keyword phrase usually 1,200 words long.
  2. Epic station article for our target market, 2,000 words or more. It can often reach up to 10,000 words, reaching the size of a small book.
  3. Landing page that can be a service area, service or product.
  4. Video related to the keyword.

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